Terms Of Service

§1. General
When registering, the member confirms the following listed content and terms without exception. Any changes are reserved at any time. In the event of changes, the members are informed of course. In addition, all information provided must be complete, correct and up-to-date when registering. Decimal numbers, points and comas shown in European format. If an account is blocked because of one of the rule violations in the following, no more payout is possible. In this sense: Be fair!

§2. Service / Liability
We are constantly striving to ensure that RadioEarn.com is always online. However, this can never be guaranteed, since disturbance factors, maintenance work or any events can take place. In addition, we assume no liability for damage caused by or caused by us. All indicated rates and prices are without guarantee. We dissociate ourselves from all contents of external / external advertising. RadioEarn.com distances itself from any external radio stations. We also do not warrant external add-ons and additional services.

§3. Participation
Every natural person is entitled to participate. Multiple accounts are not allowed without prior agreement. If they are disregarded, they are immediately blocked. We reserve the right to delete or block any accounts with details or indications of reasons.

§4. Listening to the radio
Radio works with all up-to-date browser (Firefox 50+/Chrome 55+/Edge). No influence or modification is permitted. The remuneration always takes place exactly 15 minutes after the start and can be found in the booking list (summary) with the IP. The radio can only be started with an IP address. If a user has several IP addresses, they can also participate at the same time. Bot or server use is not allowed! We support every real country (worldwide).

§5. Payout
Points will be transfer to USD every month (at the start of the following month). After that a requested payment can take up to 35 business days.

§6. Other
If errors in the system are exploited in favor of the member, an immediate suspension of the member account is made and / or the utilization is recognized as invalid. We reserve the right to withhold any dishonest revenue earned in favor of the Member. If you have questions or problems, please contact our support team.

Last update: August, 2018